We love making usable utilities focused on efficiency and speed of use that help people solve their problems faster, with less complexity and in more affordable way.

learn, by doing. do, while using. use, just really needed. live, reality



what Fast and efficient Invoicing.

state Bootstrapped. Focusing on gradual improvements and user experience.

countries US · SI · NZ ·

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what Time-tracking via chat interface.

state Released but still in major development.

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what Feedback and support for websites and webapps.

state #hibernated - Usefull and used by some, but not growing. Observing space and collecting wisdom for serious comeback.

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Site Assistant


what Utility to help you manage websites.

state #failed - There is some idea about a major pivot, but we'll see.

why it failed nice info but lacked urgency, lacked real need, real hard benefit. (the page on the right has more urgency and is one of experiments after original S-A failed)



Rye and Spruce languages

podcut share podcast clips

MTL Montreal - WIP todo system

qwikitodo quick wiki-ish todo

qwikitxt quick txtpad with some cool feats

pixy paint pixelated painting for kids

rowzz a casual flash game

runthru experimental HTML5 canvas game

waterisk OpenGL based game in progress

lost buppies flash puzzle game

bk solitaire solitaire game for kids

We did many serious projects for clients before starting with our own products. Games here are the things we made to explore our more creative side.

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